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AusFungi (2024), AusFungi (Database) AusFungi Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Amanita cretaceaverruca E.M.Davison & Giustiniano
  2. Amanita cretaceiverruca E.M.Davison & Giustiniano
  3. Aphanomyces trifolii O’Rourke, M.H.Ryan, Hua Li, X.Ma, Sivasith., Fatehi & Barbetti
  4. Aphanomyces trifolii O’Rourke, M.H.Ryan, Hua Li, X.Ma, Sivasith., Fatehi & Barbetti
  5. Aschersonia merianiae Y.P.Tan, Marney, Abell & R.G.Shivas
  6. Boerlagiomyces lacunosispora (K.D.Hyde) S.J.Stanley & K.D.Hyde
  7. Boerlagiomyces lacunosisporus (K.D.Hyde) S.J.Stanley & K.D.Hyde
  8. Bresadolia uda (Jungh.) Audet
  9. Cantharellus nigripedes Cleland & Cheel
  10. Cantharellus nigripides T.W.May & A.E.Wood
  11. Coniella wangiensis (Crous & Summerell) L.V.Alvarez & Crous
  12. Coprinellus maluri-cyanei Y.P.Tan & Bishop-Hurley
  13. Coprinellus maluruscyaneus Y.P.Tan & Bishop-Hurley
  14. Curvularia huamulaniae Y.P.Tan & R.G.Shivas
  15. Daldinia bakeri Lloyd
  16. Daldinia bakerii Lloyd
  17. Dimeriella Speg.
  18. Dimerium (Sacc. & P.Syd.) McAlpine
  19. Dimerium secedens (Sacc.) McAlpine
  20. Dimerium synapheae (Henn.) McAlpine
  21. Dimerium tarrietiae Cooke & Massee
  22. Dimerium tasmanicum (Massee) McAlpine
  23. Dimerosporium secedens Sacc.
  24. Dimerosporium synapheae Henn.
  25. Dimerosporium tarriettiae Cooke & Massee
  26. Dimerosporium tasmanicum Massee
  27. Favolus udus (Jungh.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko
  28. Fomitiporia gatesiae Y.C.Dai & F.Wu
  29. Fomitiporia gatesii Y.C.Dai & F.Wu
  30. Fusarium clavum J.W.Xia, L.Lombard, Sand.-Den., X.G.Zhang & Crous
  31. Fusarium clavus J.W.Xia, L.Lombard, Sand.-Den., X.G.Zhang & Crous
  32. Glomus tener P.A.Tandy
  33. Glomus tenerum P.A.Tandy
  34. Hevansia Luangsa-ard, Hywel-Jones & Spatafora
  35. Hevansia mainiae Y.P.Tan, R.G.Shivas, Abell, Hywel-Jones & Marney
  36. Magnuscella marina Anteneh, M.H.Brown & C.M.M.Franco
  37. Magnuscella marinae Anteneh, M.H.Brown & C.M.M.Franco
  38. Maireella tarrietiae Hansf.
  39. Maireella tasmanicum (Massee) Hansf.
  40. Melanomma australiense K.D.Hyde & Goh
  41. Melanomma australiensis AusFungi
  42. Mycena coccinea Cleland & Cheel
  43. Mycena coccineus Cleland & Cheel
  44. Neolindgomyces submersa (K.D.Hyde & Goh) Jayasiri & K.D.Hyde
  45. Neolindgomyces submersus (K.D.Hyde & Goh) Jayasiri & K.D.Hyde
  46. Ophiocordyceps poecilometigena Y.P.Tan, Marney, Abell & R.G.Shivas
  47. Ophiostoma fasciata (Olchow. & J.Reid) Georg Hausner, J.Reid & Klassen
  48. Ophiostoma fasciatum (Olchow. & J.Reid) Georg Hausner, J.Reid & Klassen
  49. Palmaria montanea (K.D.Hyde, J.Fröhl. & Joanne E.Taylor) K.D.Hyde, J.Fröhl. & Joanne E.Taylor
  50. Palmaria montaneus K.D.Hyde, J.Fröhl. & Joanne E.Taylor
  51. Panaeolus papilionaceus var. retirugis (Fr.) Gminder
  52. Panaeolus papilionaceus var. retirugus Gminder
  53. Paramycosphaerella nabiacense Guatim., R.W.Barreto & Crous
  54. Paramycosphaerella nabiacensis (Crous & Carnegie) Guatim., R.W.Barreto & Crous
  55. Podoscypha pusilla (Berk.) Ryvarden
  56. Podoscypha pusillum (Berk.) Ryvarden
  57. Polyporus sclerotinius Rodway
  58. Polyporus sclerotinus Rodway
  59. Polyporus udus Jungh.
  60. Purpureocillium atypicola (Yasuda) Spatafora, Hywel-Jones & Luangsa-ard
  61. Purpureocillium atypicolum Spatafora, Hywel-Jones & Luangsa-ard
  62. Pyrrhoderma sublamaense (Lloyd) Y.C.Dai & F.Wu
  63. Pyrrhoderma sublamaensis Y.C.Dai & F.Wu
  64. Rhizochaete sulphurina (P.Karst.) K.H.Larss.
  65. Rhizochaete sulphurina (P.Karst.) K.H.Larss.
  66. Rhizocybe pruinosa (P.Kumm.) Vizzini, G.Moreno & P.Alvarado
  67. Tolyposporium lepidospermae McAlpine
  68. Tolyposporium lepidospermatis McAlpine
  69. Triseptata podargi-strigoidis Y.P.Tan & Bishop-Hurley
  70. Triseptata podargusstrigoides Y.P.Tan & Bishop-Hurley
  71. Xerogeomyces Minnis & D.L.Lindner
  72. Xerogeomyces Minnis & D.L.Lindner
  73. Xerogeomyces pulvereus (A.D.Hocking & Pitt) Minnis & D.L.Lindner
  74. Xerogeomyces pulvereus (A.D.Hocking & Pitt) Minnis & D.L.Lindner

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