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Corner, E.J.H. (1950), A monograph of Clavaria and allied genera. Annals of Botany Memoirs 1 (Paper) Corner, E.J.H. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Aphelaria Corner
  2. Aphelaria dendroides (Jungh.) Corner
  3. Aphelaria flabellata (Wakef.) Corner
  4. Aphelaria pusio (Berk.) Corner
  5. Aphelaria tasmanica (Lloyd) Corner
  6. Clavaria alcicornis Zoll. & Moritzi
  7. Clavaria amoena Zoll. & Moritzi
  8. Clavaria angulispora Pat. & Gaillard
  9. Clavaria archeri Berk.
  10. Clavaria aurantiocinnabarina Schwein.
  11. Clavaria biformis G.F.Atk.
  12. Clavaria botrytoides Peck
  13. Clavaria capitata Lloyd
  14. Clavaria cinnamomea S.G.M.Fawc.
  15. Clavaria colensoi Berk.
  16. Clavaria corallinorosacea Cleland
  17. Clavaria crocea Pers.
  18. Clavaria dendroides Jungh.
  19. Clavaria depokensis Overeem
  20. Clavaria filicicola S.G.M.Fawc.
  21. Clavaria flabellata Wakef.
  22. Clavaria flavobrunnescens G.F.Atk.
  23. Clavaria fumigata Peck
  24. Clavaria fusiformis Sowerby
  25. Clavaria helvola Pers.
  26. Clavaria holorubella G.F.Atk.
  27. Clavaria lorithamnus Berk.
  28. Clavaria luteostirpata S.G.M.Fawc.
  29. Clavaria miniata Berk.
  30. Clavaria mucida Pers.
  31. Clavaria ochraceosalmonicolor Cleland
  32. Clavaria phyllophila McAlpine
  33. Clavaria puiggarii Speg.
  34. Clavaria pulchella Boud.
  35. Clavaria pulchra Peck
  36. Clavaria pusio Berk.
  37. Clavaria sinapicolor Cleland
  38. Clavaria spiralis Jungh.
  39. Clavaria subrugosa Cleland
  40. Clavaria subtilis Pers.
  41. Clavaria tasmanica Berk. ex Cooke
  42. Clavaria triuncialis var. juncea Alb. & Schwein.
  43. Clavaria umbrina Berk.
  44. Clavaria vernalis Schwein.
  45. Clavaria vinaceocervina Cleland
  46. Clavaria xanthosperma Peck
  47. Clavaria zippelii LÚv.
  48. Clavariadelphus junceus (Alb. & Schwein.) Corner
  49. Clavicorona colensoi (Berk.) Corner
  50. Clavulina cartilaginea (Berk. & M.A.Curtis) Corner
  51. Clavulina cristata var. coralloides Corner
  52. Clavulina decipiens Corner
  53. Clavulina subrugosa (Cleland) Corner
  54. Clavulina tasmanica (Berk. ex Cooke) Corner
  55. Clavulina vinaceocervina (Cleland) Corner
  56. Clavulinopsis alcicornis (Zoll. & Moritzi) Corner
  57. Clavulinopsis amoena (Zoll. & Moritzi) Corner
  58. Clavulinopsis archeri (Berk.) Corner
  59. Clavulinopsis aurantiocinnabarina (Schwein.) Corner
  60. Clavulinopsis biformis (G.F.Atk.) Corner
  61. Clavulinopsis cinnamomea (S.G.M.Fawc.) Corner
  62. Clavulinopsis corallinorosacea (Cleland) Corner
  63. Clavulinopsis corniculata (Schaeff.) Corner
  64. Clavulinopsis depokensis (Overeem) Corner
  65. Clavulinopsis dichotoma (Godey) Corner
  66. Clavulinopsis fusiformis (Sowerby) Corner
  67. Clavulinopsis helvola (Pers.) Corner
  68. Clavulinopsis luteostirpata (S.G.M.Fawc.) Corner
  69. Clavulinopsis miniata (Berk.) Corner
  70. Clavulinopsis miniata (Berk.) Corner
  71. Clavulinopsis miniata var. sanguinea Corner
  72. Clavulinopsis puiggarii (Speg.) Corner
  73. Clavulinopsis pulchra (Peck) Corner
  74. Clavulinopsis spiralis (Jungh.) Corner
  75. Clavulinopsis subtilis (Pers.) Corner
  76. Clavulinopsis umbrinella (Sacc.) Corner
  77. Clavulinopsis vernalis (Schwein.) Corner
  78. Deflexula Corner
  79. Deflexula fascicularis (Pat. & Bres.) Corner
  80. Lachnocladium cartilagineum Berk. & M.A.Curtis
  81. Lentaria Corner
  82. Lentaria mucida (Pers.) Corner
  83. Physalacria australiensis Corner
  84. Pterula fascicularis Pat. & Bres.
  85. Pterula phyllophila (McAlpine) Corner
  86. Pterula tasmanica Lloyd
  87. Ramaria botrytoides (Peck) Corner
  88. Ramaria capitata (Lloyd) Corner
  89. Ramaria filicicola (S.G.M.Fawc.) Corner
  90. Ramaria flavobrunnescens (G.F.Atk.) Corner
  91. Ramaria fumigata (Peck) Corner
  92. Ramaria holorubella (G.F.Atk.) Corner
  93. Ramaria ochraceosalmonicolor (Cleland) Corner
  94. Ramaria rufescens (Fr.) Corner
  95. Ramaria sinapicolor (Cleland) Corner
  96. Ramaria stricta var. concolor Corner
  97. Ramaria tubulosa (Fr.) Corner
  98. Ramaria xanthosperma (Peck) Corner
  99. Ramaria zippelii (LÚv.) Corner
  100. Ramariopsis (Donk) Corner
  101. Ramariopsis crocea (Pers.) Corner
  102. Ramariopsis kunzei (Fr.) Corner
  103. Ramariopsis lorithamnus (Berk.) Corner
  104. Ramariopsis pulchella (Boud.) Corner
  105. Scytinopogon angulisporus (Pat. & Gaillard) Corner

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