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Showing Fusarium hainanense
Fusarium hainanense M.M.Wang, Qian Chen & L.Cai , legitimate, scientific
Wang, M.M., Chen, Q., Diao, Y.Z., Duan, W.J. & Cai, L. (5 June 2019), Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti complex from China. Persoonia 43: 82, fig. 5 [tax. nov.]
  • Text: identifier: MB 829536
  • Etymology: "Named after Hainan Province, the location from which the holotype was collected."
Xia, J.W., Sandoval-Denis, M., Crous, P.W., Zhang, X.G. & Lombard, L. (14 October 2019), Numbers to names – restyling the Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex. Persoonia 43: 206 [secondary reference]
  • Text: Specimen recorded from Australia.