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Showing Aschersonia tanyunxianiae
Aschersonia tanyunxianiae Y.P.Tan, Bishop-Hurley & R.G.Shivas , legitimate, scientific
Tan, Y.P. & Shivas, R.G. (11 September 2023), Index of Australian Fungi 15: 7 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: DNA sequences: from holotype: GenBank OR527530 (LSU), OR512199 (SSU), OR514853 (rpb2), OR514845 (tef1).
  • Text: identifier: IF 901094
  • Text: "Specimen examined: Australia, Queensland, Tully, from unidentified dead insect, 29 Apr. 2021, T.S. Marney, M.D.E. Shivas & R.G. Shivas (holotype BRIP 72625a permanently preserved in a metabolically inactive state)"
  • Etymology: "Named after Tan Yunxian (1461−1554), a physician during the Ming dynasty in China, who documented the symptoms and treatment of medical conditions in ‘Miscellaneous Records of a Female Doctor.’"