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Showing Paramycetinis austrobrevipes
Omphalotaceae Bresinsky
Paramycetinis austrobrevipes R.H.Petersen , legitimate, scientific
Petersen, R.H.; Hughes, K.W. (21 April 2020), Two new genera of gymnopoid/marasmioid euagarics. Mycotaxon 135: 11, figs 3-8 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Australia, Tasmania, Gordon-Pedder National Heritage Area, Rainforest Nature Walk vicinity, 8.VI.1991, coll. RHP & KWH, TFB 4033 (Holotype TENN-F-050135)."
  • Comment: DNA sequences: from holotype: GenBank KY026622 (SSU+ITS+LSU); from other collections: GenBank KY026637, KY026638 (SSU+ITS+LSU).
  • Comment: Identifier: IF 555793.
  • Etymology: "referring to micromorphological similarities to Gymnopus neobrevipes"
AusFungi (2021), AusFungi: - FungI [secondary reference]