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Inocybe fulvilubrica Matheny, Bougher & G.M.Gates , legitimate, scientific
Bougher, N.L.; Matheny, P.B.; Gates, G.M. (28 May 2012), Five new species and records of Inocybe (Agaricales) from temperate and tropical Australia. Nuytsia 22(2): 62, figs 3-4 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Kermandie Falls, Lower Track, Tasmania, gregarious to scattered singly on soil along track in wet sclerophyll forest under Eucalyptus, Acacia dealbata, Pomaderris apetala, 9 May 2010, G. Gates & P.B. Matheny PBM3352 (holo: TENN 065756; iso: PERTH 08309051)"
  • Text: Identifier: MB 564189.
  • Text: DNA sequence: from holotype: GenBank JQ085922 (nLSU); from other collections: JQ085924, JQ085926, JQ085928, JQ085932 (ITS), EU569850, JQ085923, JQ085925, JQ085927, JQ085929, JQ085931 (nLSU), EU569848 (rpb1), EU569849, JQ085930 (rpb2).
  • Etymology: "From the Latin fulvus (tawny, yellowish brown) referring to the colour of the pileus, and lubricus (smooth, slippery) referring to the soapy-lubricous pileus surface when wet."
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