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Smardaea australis P.S.Catches. & D.E.A.Catches. , legitimate, scientific
Catcheside, P.S. & Catcheside, D.E.A. (15 June 2017), A new species of small black disc fungi, Smardaea australis (Pezizales, Pyronemataceae), is described from Australia. Swainsona 31: 19, fig. 1-7 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Holotype: South Australia. Sleaford Bay, Coffin Bay National Park, on low sand dune, 34° 51' 12.8"S, 135° 44' 6.4"E, alt. c. 5 m, amongst moss with Leucopogon parviflorus (Andrews) Lindl., Melaleuca sp. and Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae (Labill.) Court, 21 July 2014, P.S. Catcheside PSC 4079 & D.E.A. Catcheside (AD-C 58765)."
  • Text: DNA sequences: from holotype: GenBank KY067464 (ITS+LSU); from other collections: GenBank KY067461, KY067462, KY067463, KY067465 (ITS+LSU).
  • Text: Identifier: MB 819607.
  • Etymology: "From the Latin australis, meaning southern. Referring to the geographic distribution of the species in the southern hemisphere."
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