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Antrelloides atroceracea P.S.Catches. & D.E.A.Catches. , legitimate, scientific
Catcheside, P.S. & Catcheside, D.E.A. (28 September 2018), Antrelloides atroceracea, a new genus and species in the Pezizaceae (Pezizales) from Australia. Swainsona 31: 82, figs 1-2 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Holotype: South Australia. Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island: On soil surface in slight depressions on side of path in lateritic sandy soils, 35° 56’ 25’’S, 136° 43’ 58’’E, alt. c. 65 m, heath with Banksia marginata Cav., Leptospermum continentale Joy Thomps., Melaleuca gibbosa Labill., Isopogon ceratophyllus R.Br., Petrophile multisecta F.Muell., Lepidosperma semiteres F.Muell. ex Boeck., Hakea mitchellii Meisn., 6 July 2007, P.S. Catcheside PSC 2710 & D.E.A. Catcheside (AD-C 55811)."
  • Text: Identifier: MB 825521.
  • Text: DNA sequence: from holotype: GenBank MH722261 (ITS-LSU) [In the original publication two collections, one of which is the holotype, are linked to this one GenBank identifier. In GenBank, the "/specimen_voucher field" refers to the holotype.]
AusFungi (2020), AusFungi: - FungI [secondary reference]