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Morchella australiana T.F.Elliott, Bougher, O’Donnell & Trappe , legitimate, scientific
Elliott, T.F., Bougher, N.L., O’Donnell, K. & Trappe, J.M. (2014), Morchella australiana sp. nov., an apparent Australian endemic from New South Wales and Victoria. Mycologia 106: 117, fig. 2 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Holotype: Trappe 35077, a dried specimen deposited in MEL. AUSTRALIA, NEW SOUTH WALES, West of Coonabarabran on west side of Coonabarabran Road, 7 km N of Bugaldie at Bugaldie Creek, 31°39'10"S, 149°59'50"E, 350 m, in a young forest mixture of Eucalyptus spp. and Callitris sp., 4 Sep 2010, Todd Elliott and Jim Trappe. Isotypes: CANB and OSC 145974. Ex holotype culture: NRRL 54674."
  • Text: "We have designated Morchella australiana phylogenetic species Mel-35."
  • Text: DNA sequences: from the holotype: GenBank KC753470 (ITS), KC753466 (EF1), KC753477 (RPB1), KC753478 (RPB2); from other collections: GenBank KC753471-KC753472 (ITS), KC753467-KC753468 (EF1), KC753474-KC753475 (RPB1), KC753479-KC753480 (RPB2).
  • Text: Identifier: MB 803363.
  • Etymology: "Latin for ‘‘Australian,’’ an epithet especially appropriate for the first morel apparently endemic to Australia."
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