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Botrytis medusae L.A.Harper, M.C.Derbyshire, Lopez-Ruiz , legitimate, scientific
Harper, L.A.; Derbyshire, M.C.; Lopez-Ruiz, F.J. (24 March 2019), Identification and characterization of Botrytis medusae, a novel cryptic species causing grey mould on wine grapes in Australia. Plant Pathology 68: 946, figs. 1-4 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "[p. 946] Ex-type culture = DAR83531 (NSW DPI, Australia. ... [p. 947] Holotype: AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Margaret River, conidia stored in glycerol at -80 °C of isolate B-555 from diseased berry of Vitis vinifera ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’, April 2015, L. A. Harper, M. C. Derbyshire, F. J. Lopez-Ruiz. ... )."
  • Text: DNA sequences: GenBank: MH732870 (RPB2), MH732866 (HSP60), MH732861 (G3PDH), MK211250 (NEP1), MK211255 (NEP2).
  • Text: Identifier: MB 827445.
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