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Gyroporus mcnabbii Davoodian, Bougher & Halling , legitimate, scientific
Davoodian, N., Bergemann, S.E., Hosaka, K., Raspé, O., Bougher, N.L., Fechner, N.A., Henkel, T.W., Gelardi, M., Soytong, K., Naseer, A., Ortiz-Santana, B., Baroni, T.J., Nagasawa, E., Smith, M.E. & Halling, R.E. (10 October 2018), A global view of Gyroporus: molecular phylogenetics, diversity patterns, and new species. Mycologia 100(5): 992, fig. 9 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "AUSTRALIA. QUEENSLAND: D’Aguilar National Park, vicinity of Mt. Glorious, 27°17′45.2″S, 152°43′40.8″E, 601 m, 20 Feb 2013, R.E. Halling 9808 (holotype BRI, isotype NY)."
  • Text: DNA sequences: from holotype: GenBank MF818197 (ATP6), MF818231 (RPB2); from other collections: GenBank MF818197 (ATP6), MF818229, MF818230, MF818232.
AusFungi (2020), AusFungi: - FungI [secondary reference]