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Cortinarius debbiae Trappe & Claridge , legitimate, scientific
Trappe, J.M.; Claridge, A.W. (2003), Australasian sequestrate (truffle-like) fungi.15. New species from tree line in the Australian alps. Australasian Mycologist 22 (1): 29 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Holotypus hic designatus: Trappe 16775." ... "HOLOTYPE: New South Wales: Monga State Forest, Old Araleun Road 0.7 km W of River Road, A.W. Claridge, Trappe 16775, (MEL; isotypes DAR, OSC 80841). PARATYPES: New South Wales: Badga State Forest, junction of Tuross River and Peters Rds, T. Lebel, Trappe 15876, (MEL); Coolangubra National Park, Waratah Road 1.3 km NE of Coolangubra Forest Way, S.J. Cork & A.W. Claridge A WC 2910, (DAR). Victoria: Alpine National Park, Hotham Heights, track to Mt Loch, J Trappe 24047, 9.v.1999 (CANB; OSC 80840)."
  • Etymology: "Etymology: In honor of Debbie Claridge, accomplished biologist and collector of hypogeous fungi, who introduced the senior author to the beautiful and fascinating alpine zones of the Australian Alps."
AusFungi (2019), AusFungi 21 Jan. 2019: - FungI [secondary reference]