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Cortinarius debbiae Trappe & Claridge , legitimatescientific apni FungI Trappe, J.M.; Claridge, A.W. (2003), Australasian sequestrate (truffle-like) fungi.15. New species from tree line in the Australian alps. Australasian Mycologist 22 (1): 29 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Holotypus hic designatus: Trappe 16775." ... "HOLOTYPE: New South Wales: Monga State Forest, Old Araleun Road 0.7 km W of River Road, A.W. Claridge, Trappe 16775, (MEL; isotypes DAR, OSC 80841). PARATYPES: New South Wales: Badga State Forest, junction of Tuross River and Peters Rds, T. Lebel, Trappe 15876, (MEL); Coolangubra National Park, Waratah Road 1.3 km NE of Coolangubra Forest Way, S.J. Cork & A.W. Claridge A WC 2910, (DAR). Victoria: Alpine National Park, Hotham Heights, track to Mt Loch, J Trappe 24047, 9.v.1999 (CANB; OSC 80840)."
  • Etymology: "Etymology: In honor of Debbie Claridge, accomplished biologist and collector of hypogeous fungi, who introduced the senior author to the beautiful and fascinating alpine zones of the Australian Alps."

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