Fusarium bubalinum J.W.Xia, L.Lombard, Sand.-Den., X.G.Zhang & Crous , legitimate, scientific
Xia, J.W., Sandoval-Denis, M., Crous, P.W., Zhang, X.G. & Lombard, L. (14 October 2019), Numbers to names – restyling the Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex. Persoonia 43: 195, fig. 4 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Typus. Australia, unknown substrate and date, H.W. Wollenweber (holotype CBS H-24052 designated here, culture ex-type CBS 161.25 = NRRL 26857 = NRRL 26918)."
  • Text: DNA sequences: from holotype: GenBank MN170314 (cmdA), MN170381 (rpb2), MN170448 (tef1).
  • Text: identifier: MB 831831
  • Etymology: "Name refers to buff-coloured colonies formed on PDA by this fungus."