Pustula helianthicola C.Rost & Thines , legitimate, scientific
Rost, C. & Thines, M. (16 April 2011), A new species of Pustula (Oomycetes, Albuginales) is the causal agent of sunflower white rust. Mycological Progress 11: 355 [tax. nov.]
  • Type: "Types FR-0046001 (Holotypus), FR-0046002 (Paratypus), FR-0046003 (Paratypus). Additional specimens examined are listed in table 1. Sequence ex type for cox2 has been deposited in GenBank accession number JF793557."
  • Text: identifier: MB 561185
  • Etymology: "Helianthicola means that the new species is obtaining its nutrients from members of the genus Helianthus."